Dr. Larry Stapleton, joins the family of academic staff at Riinvest College

Meet Larry Stapleton, who holds the title of Doctor of Philosophy and who we have the honor to introduce as part of the academic staff of Riinvest College. Dr. Larry Stapleton holds a Bachelor and a Master’s degree from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland and a Ph.D. from the International University of Ireland, Cork.

Dr. Stapleton is an internationally recognized expert on the organizational and managerial challenges associated with digital transformation. He is the founder and director of the INSYTE Center at the School of Science and Informatics at the Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland, which explores ways digital systems can add value in a socially responsible way. As a senior academic he has been a professor in many prestigious institutions such as the Technical University of Vienna and the Banking Institute, the University College of Dublin, etc. He has won five times the award for best international lecturer at the Technical University of Vienna. Also he runs a successful consultancy practice called “KnewFutures”. Clients include regulators, the European Commission and other private and public sector organisations.

Dr. Larry has over 150 academic publications working with hundreds of organizations, has edited 4 books and many book chapters, has contributed to dozens of reports from government, regulators and the EU. He is also the editor of the international journal Artificial Intelligence and Society and part of other editorial boards of international journals and committees.

In 2020 he became the first Irish person to win the “Outstanding Achievement Award” of the International Federation of Automation and Control (IFAC) for”outstanding consistent performance in key leadership positions” at the World Congress in Berlin.

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