Study BSc. Data Science and Business Analytics
As the world becomes ever more data-driven, analytical skills are in high demand but very short supply.

In recent years, Big Data has been one of the most talked about topics in the business and technology world, which is why the Data Scientist profession is very much in demand in Kosovo and beyond. Data has so much potential that it has been dubbed the “fuel of the digital economy” – alluding to the possibility that data can drive our future. Data analytics enables a whole new way of technological solutions. We see the most noticeable changes in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Moreover, simplifying, collecting, structuring and analyzing data informs business decision making. Therefore data and information have become the main sources for various industries. With the rise of digitalization, there are many new opportunities that may have been beyond our imagination ten or fifteen years ago.

As the world is becoming increasingly data driven, analytical skills will be highly sought after in all industries. As a leader in initiatives that shape the education system in Kosovo and help young people, Riinvest International has entered into an agreement with the University of London (UoL) and the London School of | Economics and Political Science (LSE) to offer the BSc bachelor of science program. Data Science and Business Analytics, the only one in the region and Europe as well as BSc bachelor of science Economics and Politics.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Data Science and Business Analytics offered by UoL with academic direction from LSE combines two important areas of mathematical and statistical technology and techniques to analyze data that identify issues that are important for business performance. In this program, students attend half of the courses in IT and the other half in mathematics, statistics and business studies. They will be involved in in-depth data analysis from various industries that are critical to the well-being of companies. Students will gain a rich study experience by being intellectually ready to engage effectively in the digital shaping of Kosovo society in line with European and world best practices. For example, some of the topics covered in this program’s subjects are: Data science programming, business and management in a global context, business analysis, projected and designed modeling, statistical methods for market research, machine learning and more.

The peculiarity of this field is that it can be applied in various industries. Consequently, a graduate in this field, can work in the public and private sectors in finance, marketing, medicine, pharmaceuticals, technology and much more.

Prospectus for Undergraduate studies

Important Dates

Career Possibilities

This skills-rich degree will extend you with the necessary training for employment in numerous fields as a data scientist, analyst, or similar, requiring a critical and independent mind.

By pursuing undergraduate level study in data science and business analytics, graduates will be highly sought-after by employers as the race to gain a competitive edge in the data arena intensifies. From asset management to pharmaceuticals, retail to insurance, the future is bright for any aspiring data scientist.

It is the most attractive job of the 21th century.

79.7% of data scientists report there is a shortage in their field

For more detailed information, see programme specification:

Programme Specifications

NEW program

The Benefits

High demand in the labor market
To meet needs of the Industrialization 4.0
Interdisciplinary topic including
Computer Science, Math’s, Statistics and Business
Programme Outline
Year 1
CORE 1 EC1002 Introduction to economics
CORE/CORE 2 & 3 Either: Or:
MT1173 Algebra
MT1174 Calculus
MT1186 Mathematical methods
MN1178 Business and management in a global context
CORE 4 ST104a Statistics 1 and ST104b Statistics 2
Year 2
CORE 5 IS2184 Information systems management
CORE 6 ST2187 Business analytics, applied modelling and prediction
CORE 7 ST2133 Advanced statistics: distribution theory and
ST2134 Advanced statistics: statistical inference

One of:

EC2020 Elements of econometrics
MT2116 Abstract mathematics

Year 3
CORE 9 ST3188 Statistical methods for market research
CORE 10 ST3189 Machine learning
ELECTIVE 11 One 300 course or two 300 half courses from E, M or N selection groups
ELECTIVE 12 Any 100, 200 or 300 course or two half courses from any selection group

Each course is assessed by an unseen written exam, which is usually held in May or June. Some courses also require you to submit coursework.
Your exam is set and assessed by academics at LSE, ensuring that your degree is of the same standard as those studying on-campus in London.

Additional Costs
  • You may also need to budget for:
  • Textbooks (could extend to around £300 per year)

Exam center fees, which are paid directly to the venues where you sit your exams.

Other costs
In addition to the fees payable to the University, you should also budget for the cost of:
Purchasing textbooks
Any course or tuition you choose to undertake at a teaching institution
The fee levied by your local examination center to cover their costs.

Application and Registration process

Getting started

You must apply online at Staff at Riinvest International will assist you with application and registration process.

Stage 1

Submit your online application form and application fee. Please note the application fee is non-refundable.

Stage 2

Submit your documentary evidence.

This can be done online when submitting your application or at a later stage.

English Requirements

The following proficiency tests are accepted for all undergraduate courses, provided they have been awarded within the past three years:

Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English.

City & Guilds International ESOL 8984 Mastery award.

(IELTS) International English Language Testing System: 6 overall, with 5.5 in each sub-test.

Pearson Test of English, Academic: 54 overall, with 54 in Reading and Writing elements.

University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES)

Business English Certificate, Level 3 only (BEC 3 award).

(TOEFL) iBT Test of English as a Foreign Language: 87 overall, with 21+ in Reading and Writing sub-tests and 19+ in Speaking and Listening sub-tests.

If the candidate does not have any of the above-mentioned tests taken, he/she could take the IELTS test at Riinvest International, since Riinvest is the authorized testing center for IELTS for Kosovo.

Math Requirements

For BSc. Data Science and Business Analytics programme, candidates must take the Bridging Math Test for which Riinvest will offer free preparation course and testing.

Stage 3

You will be contacted by email with one of the following:

Offer letter

Request for further information

The application referred to the Admission Panel.

Stage 4

Complete the online registration.

It will be explained how to do this in the Offer Letter.

Stage 5

Start your studies. Once you register, you will be given access to the VLE. You will also receive additional study materials to your correspondence address.

Useful information for applicants

Submit your application even if you are waiting to sit an examination or to receive examination results. We can begin to process your application without all the evidence, although we will not be able to give you a final decision until all the necessary documentation has been received.

Meet the Faculty

‘Our newest degree programme is designed to respond to the modern challenges that arise from the availability of vast amounts of data in many areas of life. Handling big data requires a synergy between statistics, mathematics and computer science. Employers, whether in the private or public sector, have strong (and unmet) demand for graduates who combine statistical and computing skills, and are able to handle complex and mathematical statistical models in order to tackle real-world commercial or public policy problems in various disciplines.’

Professor Irini Moustaki
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